Anchor Faith Church is pioneering a movement to proclaim the message of the kingdom. Based out of St. Augustine, Florida, Anchor Faith Worship strives to usher in the presence of God to the entire body of Christ. We desire to provide an atmosphere of faith & expectation to a community of people, unified in worship, who are passionate about Jesus & to the building of his kingdom on earth.

Anchor Faith Worship endeavors to create an environment where burdens disappear and hope is restored. More than just singers & musicians, we are ministers, declaring the word of God through music. We are leading people into worship which places all the attention and glory on the greatness of God. When the congregation worships in unity, it creates an environment where freedom thrives; hope comes, sickness leaves, and miracles abound.

Similarly to how a thermostat sets the temperature and establishes an atmosphere in your home, Anchor Faith Worship seeks to create an atmosphere of faith and passion that lifts the room. We must set the perspective through worship, that our God is indeed bigger than anything we face. When we choose to magnify the King, we begin to see, from the perspective of God where nothing is impossible.

Recording our latest EP is a collection of songs and anthems that arose from our services. You can hear the passion of the room in every song. We believe that the word of God has the same power preached or sung. We are aware that as we declare the promises of God through music, everything can change.